Rediscover Your Zest For Writing

An in-depth exploration and journey

to inspire your creativity & writing

Benefits of taking the class:

In registering for the Make Your Writing Bloom class, you are

  • declaring that writing is important to your life, and you are ready to make it a priority.
  • ready to do the in-depth work necessary to learn what hinders your writing, how to remove those hindrances, and how to get your creative gears in motion for writing.
  • preparing yourself to have a roadmap to help you complete the project you choose during the course.

What the class will include:

Weekly Lessons

In addition to the journaling you will do throughout the course, each week will present you with an additional assignment used to enhance what you read in and learned from the book.

Weekly Q & A

Based on the week’s subject, members will be able to pose questions for discussion. During the week, there will be an FB Live chat where I will address some of those questions and those posed during the live segment.


The FB Group is the heart of the class. It is where members can pose questions, ask advice, share writings from their weekly assignments, and more.

Membership Area

Anytime, Anywhere online access to the course materials. You will have 1-year access to the materials and to community support.

8-Week Online Experience

So what will you be doing in this class?

In every week of the class, students will participate in weekly lessons, FB Live Q&As, and community-based activities.

Week 1

Taking Inventory. This week, we will explore the issues that have positively and negatively affected you and your writing.  We will develop goals for the course and begin forming a community of writers. 

Week 2

Writing Catalyst. This week, we will explore our personal catalyst for writing and develop a strategy to use as an anchor to help us during moments when we need writing inspiration. 

    Week 3

    Favorite Writing Experience. This week, we will continue to build on week 2 by exploring those writing experiences that foster positive reinforcement to gird you in your writing endeavors.

    Week 4

    Killing Fear. This week, we will explore the fears that keep us from writing and integrate strategies to kill the fears and support our writing.

    Week 5

    Time Wasters. This week, we will be real with ourselves and closely examine the daily goings-on that take time away from our writing.

    Week 6

    Writing & the Busy Life. This week, using our findings from week 5, we will strategize ways to reclaim writing time so that we have balance.

    Week 7

    Finding the RIGHT Story. This week, you will analyze story ideas and select one to write. You’ll also be able to explain why you chose the idea and what you plan to write the following week on the idea.

    Week 8

    Road Trip to Writing. This week, you will write for at least an hour (or a minimum of 500 words) toward your story idea and examine your process before, during, and after the writing activity.

    Expert Intsructor

    Meet Your Teacher

    Shonell Bacon

    Shonell Bacon

    Writing Coach

    Shonell has been an editor and educator for nearly 20 years. Through her company ChickLitGurrl, she edits in a wide range of areas, to include fiction (multiple genres), non-fiction (academic, creativity, inspirational, self-help), academic (dissertations, proposals, papers, theses), and trade (articles and studies for journals and magazines). From 2014 to 2017, she served as a copy editor for STC’s academic journal Technical Communication, and in 2017 and 2018, she worked as an editorial assistant to STC’s magazine INTERCOM.

    As an educator, Shonell has taught English and mass communication courses in the university setting; courses taught include Writing for the Media, Management in New Media, Writing for Public Relations, Emerging Media Practices, English Composition I and II, and Advanced Grammar.

    In addition to her work as an editor and educator, Shonell is an author of fiction and non-fiction; most of her works are published through ChickLitGurrl. Her latest book, Make Your Writing Bloom, is her first short work on writing; it’s designed to help writers reclaim the zest they lost for writing and get words on the page.

    Shonell is a lover of grammar, mechanics, usage, introductions and conclusions, Works Cited and References pages, and organizing text to have the best impact on audience.

    Her world is words.


    What People Are Saying

    “Shonell has assisted many of my clients in publishing some of their finest works. What I love most about her service is the evaluation prior to editing that she gives clients. It has not only helped my clients understand the writing process and how well their story is being told but it also assists them in expanding their skills. Each book after their first edit with Shonell has much more meaning and depth, and that’s why we keep coming back. Her services are not only top-notch but are worthy of a value many of us could not pay.”

    Kai Mann

    Author, Inspirationalist, Owner of Eyeology INC

    “When Shonell Bacon edits your work, she makes it shine.

    She’s detailed and finds plot holes with the greatest of ease.

    If editing is a super power, then Shonell Bacon clearly has the strength of the Black Panther!

    I highly recommend her services.”

    Cheris Hodges

    Author, Reclaiming Her Heart, Strategic Seduction, Deadly Rumors, Another Chance to Love

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