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Imagine this—you are standing around in a room when someone walks up to you and asks, “You’re a writer, aren’t you?” You want to shout from the rooftop that you’re a writer and glad to be one, and then…

Imagine this–you have received a writing gig: to write someone’s biography. The book is done, and then someone questions not only your talent as a writer, but the talent needed to actually write a book.

Every creative type, at one time, has had someone talk as if their creative endeavors are a hobby. I once had someone say, “It’s cute that you like to write, but…”

We’ve all been like Diane from the hit Netflix show Bojack Horseman, hearing people shoot down our talents, act as if they could write a book of the same quality in five minutes. What do we do when people around us shoot down our writing aspirations? How can we keep our minds in the creative spaces they need to be in–despite the naysayers? How can we affirm the writers within us?

Write Affirmations. I love this idea because 1) it keeps you writing and 2) you’re writing statements that affirm and declare to you the importance of writing in your life. When writing your affirmations, BE brief, positive, present (tense), and consistent. Your affirmations should be short so that they are quick and easy to say—and remember. Your affirmations should also be positive toward writing and what it means to you. Write your affirmations in present tense so that they speak to the NOW, to the immediacy of the matter at hand. Once you have your affirmations, be consistent in using them. Make them a part of your morning activities. Start your day by knowing you are a great writer and that writing brings excitement to your life. Examples of affirmations include: I am a writer … Writing is important to who I am as a person … My creativity builds joy and happiness in my life.

Tighten Your Creative Tribe. Here’s a truth: some people are just NOT going to support you. They aren’t. So, what you need to do is first pull those who ARE for you and your creativity into a tribe of loving, supportive, encouraging people. The second thing you will want to do is seek other writers and lovers of writers who are about seeing creative types like you succeed and bring the best of these awesome people into your tribe, too. The third thing you will want to do is allow the sweet balm of this group to expand how you feel after reading and believing your affirmations. You have already created affirmations, recited them, incorporated them into your daily activities, and now believe them as hardcore facts. Let the peace of that expand with the love and truths exposed from your tribe.

Take a Class. One of the best ways to affirm yourself as a writer is to deepen your understanding of the writing craft. You can do that by taking classes. These days, you can find 100s, if not 1,000s of online courses dedicated to various aspects of writing. You can find a course that helps you develop a facet of your writing, such as dialogue, setting, or point of view. You can find courses to help you polish your stories. You can also find courses to help you deepen your affirmations and prepare you to write your best words. One class that fits this bill is the Make Your Writing Bloom – An 8-Week Online Experience.

The Make Your Writing Bloom – 8-Week Online Experience is a course directly tied to my book. Every week will include guidance, encouragement, and inspiration for those who are looking to connect to their love of writing and creativity and to embark on a road trip to planning and writing their next project.

The fee for the course is $99. Right now, you have the option to pay full price or to make two payments of $49.50! You can learn more about the course and sign up at the course’s CLG U page.

If writing truly matters to you, do not let ANYONE have the authority to take writing away from you.

As an author, Shonell’s women’s fiction, mysteries, and rom-coms leave readers satiated and hungry for more. At the heart of everything, she writes creatively readers will find broken women made strong through their determination and actions.

Shonell’s love of the written word moved her to not only pursue her MFA in Creative Writing (fiction) nearly 18 years ago, but it also pushed her to take on the tasks of editor and writing mentor. Since then, she has helped 100s of writers develop their writing craft through her editing services, articles, and online projects, like Writing Boot Camp. The result, which Shonell loves, is seeing her clients excited to write that phenomenal next book.

Shonell’s desire to help develop strong writers fuses with her work as an educator as she has taught English, mass communication, and fiction courses at the university level.